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What is Rustic Tiles? --The history and cultural connotation of Rustic Tile

Rustic tiles normally means glaze decorative tiles, porcelain body and matt-based glazed is the mainstream. The main colors are yellow, brown, dark red, earth tones, gray, dark black etc. Rustic tiles hidden cultural, historical connotations and rich decorative techniques to become mainstream European markets tile products. Rustic wall and floor tiles integrated design trend, its innovative design and innovative technology to give rustic tiles higher market value and life. Rustic tiles root from Europe glazed tiles, introduced by Taiwan to the mainland, called the antique tiles, classical tiles, retro tiles.
Europeans used to call antique tiles as "Rustic" refers to a particular glazed porcelain tiles, "rustic" translated into Chinese is: rustic, rough, this means that the color and appearance of antique tiles focused reflects return to nature style. Europeans advocate the creation of a civilization of their ancestors, ancient architecture, painting, classical music, they believe in the tile of "rustic tiles" the most adept at this kind of material and performance style, whether for public or for the home decoration. Europeans often refer to ancient Greek and Roman architecture, referred to Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo; mention French impressionist landscape painter Sisley (1839-1899) and the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh and his masterpiece "Sunflowers"; talked about the use of lines and colors; it comes to Beethoven and his Sixth Symphony (Pastoral Symphony). In fact, colors, pictures and music are interlinked, are the people's cultural life and spiritual life indispensable. It is the most adept at rustic tiles expression of these elements, which is the charm of rustic tiles.
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