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Hello Dubai, We Are Here!

Domes family 再一次走出国门,来到了传说中的土豪之地迪拜,看到没?我们的队伍越来越壮大了!

(Once again, the Domes family went out and came to Dubai, the legendary land of tuhao. Did you see it? Our team is growing bigger!)


Hi guys, I am a flower girl. Do you think I am beautiful? The big man here are calling me brother!


As the second brother of Domes, my most important task is keeping eating wherever we go! Who can eat more than me!

好吧,进入正题了。我们是来干嘛的? 当然是参加Dubai Big 5 Exhibition 喽!此时我想吟诗一首,以铭心志:黄沙百战穿金甲,不破楼兰终不还!

Ok, go to the point. What are we doing here? of course for the Dubai Big 5 Exhibition! Right now I want to poetize: all money, money go my home!


A lot of tuhao are coming, pls come to our booth and have a look, I will pray for you all: God bless you.

作为Domes Family 排名第二帅的我(第一帅的是老板),抗起了颜值担当的大旗,成功地吸引了无数客户,来吧,让客户来得更猛烈些吧………

As the second handsome guy in the Domes Family (the first handsome man is the boss), I have became a symbol and successfully attracted lots of customers. Come on, let customers come more ...........


Happy work, happy life, not only we just carrying forward the Domes business, but also enjoying ourselvesdon't live up to the most beautiful yourself in the most beautiful time.


Goodbye Dubai, we will come back, I strongly recommend Emirates, beautiful attendant, good service and delicious foods, on the plane, beer and instant noodles are more suitable.

青春不息,奋斗不止,Domes Family一直砥砺前行,不忘初心。我们相信付出越多,收获越多,2019,我们一定会越走越远,越飞越高。

Youth forever, fighting endless. Domes Family has been moving forward and we never forget why we started it. We believe that the more we pay, the more we gain, in 2019, we will definitely go further and higher.